Rent a garage to work on car

I should add that I live in an apartment, and have to park on the street. I can't work on my car in the street at least not anything major I know it's a popular thing to do around here and I did it for a little while. Rent a storage bay big enough to fit your car in and work on it there.

If you get a storage bay with a light, you can tap into the fixture for power. The biggest downside I had was not having any running water. You learn to adapt. I was lucky and found a storage bay close to restaurants and parts stores so if I had to I could walk over and get what I needed.

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I have heard about places you can rent a bay by the hour, but I've never actually seen one. Another idea is if you and your friends plan on doing lots of car repair, you could all go in together and rent out a small workshop or something. A building is nice, but "the big blue canopy" works ok too! In the last 50 years I have been a mechanic, I have worked just about everywhere but under water!

This includes the engine I changed in my daughters car with inches of mud and water almost everywhere, -- something I don't car to reapeat! Half way through the job, a hurricane blew through just the edge- this was the "dryest spot " available, - some of the yard was a foot or better in water!

Rent a garage, work on your own car

Next worst is changing starters out in degree weather in the dark! Of course working in the rain when it is coming down more than an inch an hour stinks too! Only real limitation is if it is against the law to work on your car in the yard some cities have a stupid law like this! All you have to do is make sure you block the car real good - if working under it, - especially if on damp ground or uneven gorundyou don't want it to fall on you!

rent a garage to work on car

Next thing is to have a canvas or large piece of cardboard to take parts apart and repair on,- so you don't lose screws etc in the grass or dirt! Maintain clenliness as much as possible, and expect to get real dirty if working underneath the car, a big piece of cardboard helps here a lot too, as it cuts down the damage to body from stones and sticks!

It is easier to "slide" on too! I have overhauled a number of engines outdoors more than ten, - but I don't remember how many! None of them came apart because of dirt or grit getting into parts while assembling!! You could consider renting a garage space from someone. Many times if you have to go to a friend's house and he or she isn't a gear head, you may be putting them out somewhat because they may feel obliged to remain home and try to be helpful. I have always put car care into consideration when looking for a place to live.

Most work I can do myself and do not want or need to pay 30 dollars to change my oil plus I am assured that the job is done to my specifications or pay the excessive costs of other simple maintenance. In your case, you may find a school parking lot or a commuter lot good places during warm weather and try to schedule your major maintenance during the better weather.

I would not consider doing any actions that requires more than a day. If you plan on working on your hot rod or tuner, sell it and buy a daily driver until you can get somewhere that allows on site repairing. The tarp trick is a good one, highly recommended for inclement weather. Wait for a nice day and enjoy the sunshine while you work. If it starts raining,cover it with a tarp if you removed the hood.

If not,just close the hood and wait for the sun again.Hi, all. I need to find a garage space to rent so my tree-shade mechanic BF can work on his Dart and store his tools safely. We are in ahem a neighborhood of Boston. Craigslist, the neighborhood paper, Boston. No luck. Is there a classified site or paper for finding cheap! Any other recommendations?

Electricity is a plus but not a deal breaker, so commercial or backyard garage is fair game. Thanks so much, everyone! One option to consider is to rent a one car garage sized space from a public storage facility. They allow you to store cars as long as you tell them you are storing a car.

The spaces are big enough to walk around the car and work on it and store tools, jacks, etc. Cheap space to put a car? In the Boston area? My son went to school in and then lived in Boston. Garage space costs a fortune if you can even find it. And you need to take public transportation to get to your garage. Unless, of course, you have a VERY deep wallet.

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Good idea, orangevega. Are you folks perchance in school? Perhaps posting on the school bulletin boards will yield a space when a graduate with a car goes home. I know college kids are always seeking someone to take over leases when they leave.

Good thinking. That will be hard enough Then sub-lease the house but you keep the garage…But, Boston?? Nah, not going to happen…. Are there any restrictions to renting places like this? I am looking to buy a salvage porsche, and dismantle it and sell the parts. I am concerned about the mess with oil and other fluids that could be left. I am looking around in the yellow pages for proper storage places. What specific types of rental storage places do you advise I look for?

How to find a garage space to rent General Discussion. The fuel in the tank is OK.It actually sounds like a great idea. He had just traded his Toyota 4Runner SR5 for the sports car and was keen to keep it well maintained.

But his apartment in the city—and the cold weather—made taking care of even the basics like serpentine belts and fluids a real chore. The company makes money by taking 10 percent of what the wrencher pays to the garage owner. From there, he hopes to focus on expanding in other major cities like San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

The marketplace is currently live hereand anyone in the U. Still, the idea sounds awesome. It would have spared me quite a few weird looks from the security guards patrolling the FCA parking lots.

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And also some frostbite. Technical Editor, Jalopnik. Always interested in hearing from auto engineers—email me. The A.


Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Beep beep, it's newsletter time. Drop your email here and get our stories in your inbox. David Tracy. Filed to: wrenching. David Tracy Posts Email Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.GaragePointera new garage rental service that you could say is the Airbnb for cars, aims to solve that predicament.

See the puzzle pieces coming together? The company touts that instead of "renting a storage unit that may be expensive, inconveniently located or worse, located in an unsafe area like a flood plain or high-crime area, GaragePointer introduces vehicle owners to their neighbors who have safe and convenient garage space they're not using.

Here's how it works: Car collectors can search and compare garages in their neighborhood, book a garage, and access the storage space when needed. Meanwhile, home owners can list their garage and its notable features for freereceive and approve requests from qualified vehicle owners, and coordinate with the renter and collect payment for the space.

While GaragePointer prefers classic cars "we love classic and cherished cars and understand how much of a member of the family they can be"any car is welcome on the site. They have a collection of deflated sports equipment, too! Call it modern-day garage voyeurism, disguised by convenience, of course. Celebrity Style.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.Fix your car yourself, save money, and Be Your Own Mechanic! A lift rental makes it easy to get under your vehicle without crawling under jack stands or sliding across a dirty floor. Your back will thank you later! Skip the mechanic mark-up and save money by doing the repair yourself.

Your wallet will thank you later. Whether you have a quick question, need a second opinion, or don't know where to start, our friendly expert mechanics provide advice so that you can be confident. The bright, open garage, clean rental bays are ready to use at the start of every rental.

rent a garage to work on car

Be Your Own Mechanic. Book Now. Hours: 9am to 9pm Last car in at pm Closed Wednesdays. No Lift Rental. Experts on Hand to Answer Questions. Lift Rental. Every Bay Has a Lift.

rent a garage to work on car

Most Booked. Oil Changes. Wheel Changes. Always on a Lift. Stand Under Your Car A lift rental makes it easy to get under your vehicle without crawling under jack stands or sliding across a dirty floor.

DIY Savings Skip the mechanic mark-up and save money by doing the repair yourself. Read More. Expert Guidance Included Whether you have a quick question, need a second opinion, or don't know where to start, our friendly expert mechanics provide advice so that you can be confident.

Bays Ready When You Are The bright, open garage, clean rental bays are ready to use at the start of every rental. For the do-it-yourselfer, this place is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Full tool suite for each bay, specialty tools behind the desk, and very nice lifts. Not pretentious. I'd freaking live here if it wasn't weird. But that would be. Jim W. The shop was clean, great tool selection and friendly folks. I will never work under a shade tree again.

Great value. Bart P.Gearhead Workspace is currently in the process of moving out of our old space and into a new one in Bridgeport.

We will be closed for a bit while we get the new space ready. If you would like to stay updated on our progress, please follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list. If you would like to visit the new space, please send us an email at reservations gearheadworkspace. Our custom-designed space offers everything you need to fix, tune, and supercharge your vehicles, including lifts, tools, and even professional help.

rent a garage to work on car

Register today and get to work. Our custom-designed space offers everything you need to fix, tune, wash and supercharge your vehicles, including lifts, tools, wash bays and even professional help. Gearhead is also a supportive community for auto enthusiasts, offering training classes, special events, tutorials and a lounge space where you can chill out and talk shop.

Space to Wrench on Your Own Car. Do you love working on your car or motorcycle? Let Gearhead Workspace help you out! Reserve a Workspace.First Quarter Finance. Can you rent a garage to work on your car? From oil changes and tire rotations to timing belt replacements and engine swaps, if you can do it yourself, you can find a location to work on it. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of other places you can go to work on your car.

If you only need to do small maintenance jobs — like changing the oil, spark plugs, or air filters — consider asking a friend if you could borrow his or her garage for an afternoon.

Most people would appreciate a case of beer, a pizza, or something along those lines in exchange, which is a great price to pay for a safe, sheltered space to work. Another option is to tackle one of these smaller tasks before or after work in the employee parking lot. Make sure to ask the property manager or your boss first, and take the same precautions not to spill anything in the parking lot. For longer-term projects, an option may be a simple storage unit. For a weekly or monthly fee, you can rent a storage unit to store a car and whatever parts and tools you may need to get the job done.

Be sure to check with the storage facility before starting any work on your car, as not all locations will allow you to conduct work on a vehicle. Your situation will most likely be handled on a case-by-case basis, so call the storage facility directly to ask. Perhaps the best option for self-servicing your vehicle is a DIY auto shop.

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At these shops, vehicle bays are rented out by the hour or day. You just pull your vehicle up, put it on the lift, if you need to, and get to work. Some shops provide specialized tools and some locations have on-staff mechanics that you can hire by the hour. If you happen to be serving in the military on a base, some bases offer DIY garages. If you live close to a major city, odds are good that there is one in your area.

Garagetimea network of commercial and private garages that offer workspace and equipment rentals, can help you find a garage near you. Garagetime lists hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rental options. Many areas, often rural areas, have underutilized spaces.

You can reach out to the owner and see if you can rent a spot. You may want to sign a liability waiver so your landlord will let you do more risky jobs. You can find these by asking around, driving around, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

Job Too Big For Your Garage? - Rent a DIY Workshop

Remember you can also post a wanted ad on these marketplaces as well. Would you consider expanding your driveway and working from home? Terms of Use. Email me when someone responds.

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